"You come back out with hunger to invest with like-minded people."

Not sure quite where to begin about explaining the course but if I was to explain in one word it would be EXCITING!!!

Why?? Simply put, I was one to believe that you need X amount of money to invest which is so not true. Of course, it helps but then your sitting in a room with like-minded people who are also willing to invest so you talk and help each other and practically spoons fed ideas from Sunil….it doesn’t get much better than that. Picture it now that you go in not having a clue about property investment(me), you come back out with the hunger to invest with like-minded people so already set a great mind up for your future.

Now, for the downside……going to work the next day when in your mind you shouldn’t be there, you should be out there making more deals. My final conclusion….is the course worth the money??? Honestly, for the knowledge you gain, the mindset that follows, the people you meet and on top of all that great fun I feel the course is undervalued so instead of thinking is it worth putting x amount into the course, because, if ROI% was done in mind rather than money it would be way over the 100%

That’s it from me and hope you guys make the right choice as I know I certainly did

Gary Grant

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