"I particularly can’t wait to structure my first deal. WOW – I am exploding…"

Thank you so much for an awesome weekend, we did feel like we’d been there a week. From all of the workshops, I have attended I felt this to be accessible, systematic and above all do-able. Tom and I are so fired up and raring to go, he asked me yesterday to make sure he didn’t lapse….so we are making appointments this weekend to at least 5 development sites to go and negotiate and who knows we may get some awesome deals.

We are doing our research at the moment and I particularly can’t wait to structure my first deal. WOW – I am exploding with excitement, I repeat to myself in the car each morning as I drive to work……” this time next year, I will have the financial freedom to choose!!!” – I, of course, include the big grin and anchor the wonderful feeling this gives me. You kept saying on the weekend that you don’t do the motivating like AT, rubbish! you are truly inspiring !!!!! and all the delegates were also fantastic, I believe we have found a home of like-minded people at last. Shirley Aboody


Thank you from the both of us…and particularly from me, not only do I know how to get out of the rat race – but I also confirmed what I knew, in that Tom is the right person for me to do it with 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for an invite on our privet jet 😉

Oh, by the way, I meant what I said about doing some training with your team, I’d love to get involved as I love training and am awesome at it 🙂 Let me know if that would be possible.

You can include any of this as a testimonial.

Light, Love and Respect

Shirley Aboody

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