"There’s Somebody Holding You Accountable"

I think the main, the most important thing that I received from here is the accountability. When you say you’re going to do it, you have to do it, because there’s somebody holding you accountable for it. I think that’s the piece that is missing everywhere. And that’s the one that I value the most.

When I’m stuck and I don’t have a solution, I get like at least 10 different solutions from 10 different brains, which is amazing. So this really is the ‘mastermind’.

It’s just not two of us working on one goal. We get so many other options. And now the only worry is what else should I action? And it’s it’s really amazing how far you can go when others pulling that idea.

And you tap into the resources, the experiences of all those people. It’s it’s a fantastic network to have.

Wasim & Samra

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