"The practical exercises really enforced what you learn"

I would like to say that I had a fab time on the property mentor workshop last weekend.

I came out of it really powered up. In fact, on the way home, both I and my wife were negotiating with each in relation to how much I should put money in stocks investment – another area I’m into now.

We managed to come to an agreement where she was happy (I have to get 80% ROI) and I was happy (I get more than what I wanted to invest in the first place)!!!!!!

Getting back to the workshop, I felt I have learnt a hell of a lot.

I would consider myself a beginner (read a few books), but I do feel I know a lot more now.

Sunil, you were also very accommodating in answering questions/discussing topics which were kind-of outside the core subject, and taking your time explaining things. That was really beneficial.

The practical exercises really enforced what you learn. Your methods and ‘formula’ are simple to understand.

The negotiation sessions were absolute brill (please get them recorded and put in the forum – that way we can have a laugh!!!).

Your methods of teaching, re-iterating and re-enforcing the info was very good. I have to admit that I’m always cautious with departing with money on courses (who isn’t!!!).

But I would say it was definitely worth the dosh!!!! The environment was relaxed with a small team of 12. You learn a lot from each other. It does feel like you have been there for a week – that is how much you learn and how much you are absorbed into it. The game of life ‘Cashflow’ was fun to play with. If anyone one wants to get into the buy-2-let property, THIS IS THE COURSE.

Remember my wife, the sceptic. Before the course, she was talking about 1 property for investment purposes. On the way back from home, after the course, she was talking about 3-4 properties for investment.

I think she has seen the path to richness (but she will not admit it) !!!! Thanks to your course.

I look forward to the forums and bashes. C U next Saturday. Here’s to getting stacking and getting some properties !!!!!

Jagdish Patel

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