"My mind was full of questions…"

Thanks for a great weekend!!

I arrived at the workshop with a very sceptical mind. My mind was full of questions about how anybody could make a success in investing in properties, especially as so many people around me were getting seriously burnt by the current slump in rental markets.

Over the Systematic Property workshop, Sunil did a great job of answering my (many!) questions and helped me understand how to apply the techniques to make them work for me personally. Now, I am totally ‘hooked’ and am eager to work on my first deal.

The turning point of the course for me was meeting Sunil’s team. Hearing first hand from professionals talking about Sunil’s strategy helped to convince me that these techniques really do work in practice. The other highlight of the weekend was playing Cashflow 101 — which was both very educational, and FUN.

At present, I am spending all my free time (including some sleep time!) looking at properties, analysing them and trying to spot opportunities.

Thanks again for an eye-opening, FUN course! Truly enjoyed it.


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