"My life will never be the same again…."

Thank you for a great weekend.

I woke up from a deep sleep in the middle of the night in panic.. with the thought “My life will never be the same again…. whether I apply the knowledge I got from Sunil this weekend or not !!” Because if I don’t I will walk around with a heavy millstone weighing me down made worse by inaction….and failed responsibility! In the same way, a scientist would feel if he had discovered the cure for aids…..and didn’t do anything with it !! Sound dramatic… maybe…..! I feel responsible for utilising the knowledge gained to achieve my now very reachable goal of financial freedom!! Why the panic….Because I now feel we have no choice but to go ahead and build a substantial property portfolio.

When friends and family asked me what I thought of the weekend… my response was that it is worth all that we paid and more for the course! I don’t expect it to be easy….. there is work to be done and .. but with the support system that you have put in place, it will be much easier… So once again thank you very much for putting all this together….and thank you to Robert for enabling me to make the giant leap from ” No way … I can’t negotiate.. Satinder can do that part of it” to “I can do this !”…

Thank you!

Sunita Koshal

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