"I wish the course had lasted another day"

The thanks should most definitely go to you, not to us mere delegates Sunil.

It’s right you have Sun in your name, there’s a song let the sun come into your life….. and you remind me of a ray of sunshine.

You certainly brightened up 2 January days for me, what a weekend!

I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.

Enough praise, no not really

I’ll heap more on you when I get onto the website delegate section but at the moment I’m busy reading everything you gave us and you gave us a lot BUT now you know me you realise (like you) I always ask for more. Hope you give us an Encore in the future.

I wish the course had lasted another day– don’t take that the wrong way, it’s just I could talk about property forever. I really do know what to do now and I shall continue to do it for a long while to come.

Just like the “learning the guitar” student who should really say “I play the guitar”, “I am a property investor”. I’m no longer just learning to be one…. although when I have my first 1 Million portfolios I might be tempted to say I play at it

Couldn’t resist.


Rosemarie Hancox

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