"I now feel brave enough to take the first steps."


I had been thinking about property development for the past two years and frozen at the point of “where do I start?”

I now feel brave enough to take the first steps. I have the tools and the knowledge that it CAN and HAS been done successfully. The information made me realize the true possibilities and potential though you were always realistic that this depended on individual effort.

I feel you facilitated and structured the course very effectively. There was a vast amount of information to impart and we had to work hard. (No pain no gain, groan groan) However, this was done in such a way to benefit all the participants, regardless of experience. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and loved the combination of hard work and fun. This is due, to a great extent, on your warm and open personality.

I came away excited and feeling that “I CAN DO IT”!! Knowing that groups could continue to meet for support also helped the feeling of confidence.

Many thanks.

Look forward to seeing you soon!


(Marie Jo now has a >£800,000 property portfolio)

Marie Jo

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