"I can honestly say that I feel fully educated, empowered, and inspired to build a property portfolio"

Just wanted to write to thank you for a great weekend. I can honestly say that I feel fully educated, empowered, and inspired to build a property portfolio that will provide excellent passive income and capital growth for me today, and a great legacy to pass on to my 3 1/2-year-old son Jack.

The workshop is very well organised, building from basic blocks into more complicated and sophisticated concepts in a way that makes sense. The best testimony I can give is that I was able to explain back most of what I learned to my wife (per the promise!) and she understood and is inspired as well.

Coming away from the course with that kind of comprehension and self-confidence is exactly what I was looking for. There is nothing we discussed during the workshop that I would feel anxious about being able to execute in real life.

Your personal credibility (been there, done that, still doing it) and the credibility of your team, were the main things that created such a solid impression… that and the fact that you gave us nothing as “theory”, but everything as “work”. Beautiful.

Probably the most valuable part of the weekend for me was the chance to meet so many smart, funny, and interesting people. The group was lively and I learned something of value from each individual that was there.

One of my main objectives recently has been to build my own team as you have built yours, and the referrals that I have already received have been worth many times the cost of the course. We have begun the process of building a short/medium/long term plan that I feel sure will provide a great framework for future success.

Hope to meet you again personally in the near future…maybe I’ll start a Delegate Band and we’ll have you play the solos on all the Deep Purple tunes.

Many thanks!

Sean Williams

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