Cash Flow Positive Portfolio

Find positive cash flowing properties in all markets conditions.

Advanced Investing Strategies

Use advanced creative strategies to reduce the Capital requirements

Analyse Property Markets

Understand and Compare investments with out unique and innovative tools.

Expert Property Management

Effectively manage your portfolio to increase long term profitability.

What Results Can I Expect as a member?

Increasing Yield on Property Investments

Every market has exceptional investments that provide above average yields. Following the research steps in the Systematic Property masterclass you can identify these investments and model your own strategy on these high yielding investments. 

Attendees typically attain double-digit yields on their investments.  12% is common, and in some markets, yields of 20-30% are possible too.

“Non Purchase” Cash Flow Investments

Implement a “Non Purchase” strategy to take advantage of market conditions to find properties that positive cash flow with significantly lower investments. ROIs are typically between 5-10% a month.

With an investment of £20,000 you can expect to make a monthly profit of £500 to £2000.

Reduce Deposits Required

Significantly reduce the investment required to buy properties by implement creative purchasing strategies. 

How much you can reduce the investment by depends on your eligibility for finance and the LTV provided by financial institutions.

In a typical market where LTVs are around 75%, deposits for investments can be reduced to below 10% (saving 15%). In markets where LTVs are around 85%, deposits can be reduced to zero. 

The ability to implement these strategies depends on finding the right deal with the right legal team behind you. 

Build a Network​

One of the biggest side effects of being a part of a mastermind group, is the new network of friends that you create.  I can tell you from personal experience, my family does not understand what I do.  They think I am crazy, but being a part of a mastermind group, guess what?  I am with a whole bunch of crazy people who are all on the same journey as I am, and it’s great.  I can leverage those relationships to create partnerships and opportunities, that can help me again, reach my goals.  That is really, really, powerful. 

“Aha Moments”​

I think for me, the most powerful thing is those aha moments, when you learn something new, when your beliefs actually change.  Those are life changing moments. For those of you that have seen me talk over the last ten years, you know that OP is the secret.  OP, other people.  Surrounding yourself by the right kind of people, in the mastermind group, is going to allow you to have those aha moments.  Those moments of inspiration, those moments of where there is a light bulb going off, where you suddenly realize there is a new path for you to go down.  That is really powerful.  

That’s Where This Set Of People Make A Difference

The most important part of Mastermind is the  network.

It’s very difficult to find true friends who really, really care about where you’re going, you know, generally care, and I think that’s where this set of people make a difference. I always think of what I’m getting from the Mastermind in terms of relationships. I’ve met people who I’ve talked to almost every day, and that’s been invaluable to have people who know what’s going on in my life, offering support and whatever they can.

And I think that’s the most important part of the Mastermind group, the relationships.

Be Inspired​ & Stretch Your Thinking​

I can tell you, it is pretty hard to be in a room, full of like-minded individuals on the same journey, and not be inspired.  I have been inspired by seeing what people are going to achieve, by seeing how they do it, that really helps me, because when I am inspired, I go and create results for myself, and you would create results for yourself as being a part of this mastermind group.

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and wondered if it was the right size of goal? That is not going to be a problem inside the genesis mastermind group, because you are going to learn to stretch your thinking. Think bigger.  Discover new boundaries for yourself.  Create bigger goals, and that is going to create, more challenges, and it is going to be fun working together to help you overcome those challenges, to reach those goals that you have set yourself. Expand your reality in the Genesis mastermind group.  

I’m Changing From Being A Rat To Being An Entrepreneur.

Well, the biggest change that I’ve started to see is the mindset: I’m changing from being a rat to being an entrepreneur.

I come from a family which which doesn’t really understand my ambition and desires. I now clearly see how I was brought up with one mindset and now my mindset has changed.

I know that’s what really is going to help me achieve financial freedom.


I love the fact that I can put an idea on the table, in the mastermind, and have different perspectives and opinions on that idea.  It is so powerful because I can suddenly see something that I could not see before. Maybe I can find a solution, that I did not even know about, because it’s what you don’t know, you don’t know, that is going to give you an extra boost to your success.  By brainstorming with a mastermind, you are going to get, what you don’t know, you don’t know. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

One of the great things about having a mastermind group around you is can ask for advice.  You can ask, is this thing I am doing, the right thing to do?  And get feedback, because it is more important to understand, if you are going to make a mistake.  Using the mastermind group, you are going to avoid making costly mistakes, and make sure you are doing the smart thing in your next move, or your next action.  So you can leverage the power of the group, to make smarter decisions.  

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