Dear Investor,

Whether it’s 1st property or your 50th as a member of the Genesis Property Mastermind you will learn how to:

  • Become less dependant on your job by following my system which has been used successfully for over 20 years.
  • Create additional security for you and your family in volatile economic times.
  • Build an extra income source to give you the freedom you want to do the things you deserve.
  • Create the opportunity to retire when you want to.
  • Save you time, hassle and money by avoiding incredibly costly mistakes.
  • Feel sorry for 99% of property investors who are gambling with their future using the wrong strategy

As a member:

  • You’ll have access to the Systematic Property Course and it’s proven system, resources and tools
  • You’ll be able to attend monthly mastermind calls where we discuss deals and strategies
  • You can enroll into an accountability group which is the ultimate antidote for inaction
  • You can access analysis tools that analyse locations and calculate deals for you
  • You will be able to get your questions answered by successful investors who’ve “been there and done that”
  • You’ll be surrounding yourself with successful investors many of whom have multiple properties.
  • and much much more.

Action creates results, and although I can never force someone to take action, it’s going to be virtually impossible for you to be an active participant and not achieve success.

My name is Sunil, I’ve been investing for 21 years and teaching for 18.

I’ve recently put together the Genesis Property Mastermind as a tool to help those (who want to) get the most out of property.

It draws from my years of helping people around globe take advantage of property by generating cash flow  and creating wealth

If you’d like to understand how property could be the route to the change you were looking for, then please check out The 4 Pillars property courses  that comes with bronze membership.

This will give you a chance to get to know me, and learn an lot in the process, and it’s a home for people who want to create lasting change

Click the button to see what you’ll be learning.

The foundational principles

Any mastermind needs to be founded on principles…  here are ours:

1+1 is greater than 2

When two like minds come together, they feed and grow from each other. 

Fred says “I wanna do this” 

Joe says “That’s interesting… have you thought of X”

Fred says “WOW.. if I could do that.. i could do this instead” 

And that proverbial light bulb goes off. 

Everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to contribute.

Speak from Experience

Have you ever asked someone their opinion? Or, maybe you know a few people that love to give you their opinion on everything you do.

“You should do this”, “have you done that”. It based on what that person thinks is right for you.  Not very useful.

In the Genesis Property Mastermind: “Speak from Experience”

When you have a problem or issue, and you ask the question in the mastermind, the response you’re going to get is one based from experience. “I had the same situation , this is what I did, and this was the result”.  It’s factual, it’s from someone who knows what they’re talking about.

It’s powerful, and invaluable.

If you’re tired of opinions and want to be part of a supportive community of like-minded investors, who’ve “been there and done that”, then the Genesis Property Mastermind is for you.

Numbers Over Emotions

People get emotional about property, it’s normal.  

But when investing we need the numbers to drive the decisions. All the training and tools in the mastermind are designed to do just that.  

To make sure your decisions are driven by numbers.  

That doesn’t mean you can’t get emotional, just get emotional with the numbers, and not the property itself.

There’s Always Option D

“D” ? What happened to option “B”.

We all have options “B”, but it’s the option you don’t know about that could be the something special you’ve been looking for.  

The problem with option “D”s, is that we don’t know about them, and until we’re told about them, they can’t be an option. After all you can’t choose something you don’t know about.

Even through we can’t see it, we always know there’s an option D.

I hope you decide to join.


Sunil Jaiswal
CEO & Founder: The Genesis Property Mastermind

I went straight out to negotiate two Property deals and saved £45,000.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at your workshop over the weekend. I met so many nice like-minded people and learned so much about the smart way to buy property. Although I have experience buying investment properties, your workshop was truly something else and was worth every penny.

What I liked most about the workshop was its very clear and coherent structure, its detailed explanation of the whole property buying process, its practical exercises of stacking, structuring and negotiating a deal, and its 30 Day Action Plan.

I got so much fun and found a fantastic network of friends. I felt very confident, inspired and eager after the workshop because I knew that I will never need to be alone again … I can always turn to the community for advice and support in the future.

On Monday (the day after the workshop) I went straight out to negotiate two deals and saved £45,000.

A year’s income was made possible by two days training!

A thousand thanks Sunil

£1,500 a month from deal 1, £90,000 saved on deal 2.

Just a big thank you. We followed the steps outlined in the Masterclass, and over the course of a year we did two deals.

Deal #1 is producing £1,500 positive cash flow. With an investment of just under £15,000 our yearly ROI is almost 100%.

If that’s not amazing enough, we just completed deal #2, and by using the creative strategies we were able to reduce our investment from £140,000 to only £4,000 that’s money we can use for the next deal!

A big thank you for sharing the knowledge!

£3,800 a month. Financial Freedom here I come!

£2,000 Positive Cash flow. Not bad for a simple deal. I saw an opportunity and took it!

£2,000 Positive Cash flow. Not bad for a simple deal. I saw an opportunity and took it!

I’ve managed to purchase 5 properties within 6 months, that’s a portfolio of over £1,000,000

I was amazed by the wealth of information provided and the knowledge that you gave, it’s priceless.

My future has totally changed thanks to your workshop, and with the skills I learnt I’ve managed to purchase 5 properties within 6 months, that’s a portfolio of over £1,000,000 … I’m not stopping there, I’m going out tomorrow to buy more because with your course it’s become so easy.

Sunil, You’ve changed my family’s life for real. I couldn’t have done this without your workshop. So – if I can do it, others can as well … This course is a must for all!

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